In California, the river flows near the city valley. When you start wandering around, there is nothing but nature. It's a lovely place to visit for a change of scenery. There are various views to see within walking distance, so there is never a dull moment, and the walking is well worth it. On the other hand, the water level is too low in some areas to go swimming. The river would lead us back to humanity.

The survival of the Earth depends on the sun. It is a contributing factor in the climate change that affects even our water. The sun is crucial and is gradually having a global impact on climate change. Because of the changing climate, there has been a change in the water level. The sun's energy multiplies by a large amount, producing greater heat before a smaller amount, cooler process occurs. Another result of less ice on Earth is decreased in cooling, which has an adverse effect on the eco system.

Morrow Bay Ca.

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Here is another example of an effect of the sun that can happen in a model form: