What did it smell like? I was always curious. The perfume has an old-fashioned scent, like if you're near your grandmother. It has a perfume that is in between powerful and weak. For anyone who enjoys the old-fashioned smell, there is just enough spray to last all day. Has anyone been debating whether or not this was a wonderful perfume in terms of scent? Cost $200.00 Wholesale

Liquid was always recommended by health professionals, and it made my skin thin. There is rarely a need for a touch, and there is no need to add the entire sweep. Because a dot is enough to cover the entire face, the bottle will last a little longer. On the other hand, if you use it more often, it will get everywhere and the mix will become smeared when blending .

Since the beginning of so many other beauty products, Kat Von D has been one of my favorites. I'm trying hard not to make any comparisons to Rare beauty items, but it's close. It's light weight, so it's good for individuals who don't want to use a lot of it, but it does give you a powerful effect. The foundation breaks apart when the liquid is shaken, which is an unusual feature. The foundation is visible in a squeezable vial.

Since I'm getting older, a dermatologist has advised me to take more vitamin C. Fortunately, my sister Lilia Brewster had discovered one that truly put the drabness in perspective. I use it all the way to the end. We've been experimenting with different things since she lives in a larger city, unless there are new products to discover.


Perfectly Posh


A similar product that I love the most and recommended.

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When I went to the store, the young one and my family wanted to dye their hair, so I thought about joining them. I was inspired by an old gay friend who used to dye his hair crazy colors such as blue. So, I took a leap of faith with Unicorn Hair, the most girly product. <3 When reading, it takes an hour to two hours for the color to process, and there are no odors or toxic hair damage. In addition, I use an organic base inspired by nature. The dye is more environmentally friendly, and it takes less than 35 minutes for the hair to change colors. I did not use any bleaching. Lastly leave it in more the color would stay longer and colorful. <3


When it comes to anything scary, like before that take the time to look in the kitchen for anything that can be passed off as real time. Make was simply a thought that occurred to me when I felt the need to remove my mask and reveal my true self with a frightening appearance. Experiment, as an old friend once advised me about kitchen foods. Add some effects to scary people

What you need:



Makeup brush




Eye makeup






Mix into blow Parsley and honey together waited until dry before applying blood. 

Blood dap the lipstick and the eye color make up separately then blend until your liking.  

The wonderful way is to try new products, such as Laneige. The lips mask was the most gentle on the lips of the three products. Honey Balm, for example, felt soft while containing ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Finally, after using the products for a while, the moisture and mask remind me of baby skin.



Laneige lips mask-Berry fruits

Moisture cream/ Mask

Honey Balm- Lavender, Honey, Niacinamide, Turmeric.



A friend introduced me to Dolce Gabbana. I've been obsessed with it ever since. The scent is peachy and fruity, which is my favorite. The smell lasts for a long time and does not die or fade after 9 p.m. I pay is money well spent. It's a larger bottle with no expiration date smell, so you can leave it out for a long time. Now only notices a collection that is growing by chance.

Boscia is a clean beauty product for exfoliating your skin. When rubbed in motion, it removes dead skin. What causes this product's ability to remove dead skin until you wash your face? There would be a softer root of skin after reusing the Boscia. Non-chemical peal that will not be affected by the use of chemicals.



One thing to remember about your feet is to keep them clean at all times. After cleaning, apply some foot cream. We all overlook important components that allow us to move around. Even bare feet make you think about taking better care of them. Bliss and the Dead Sea.

Lotions that suffocate the skin are the softest touches. After a while of using the atrix lotion, the skin became extremely soft. My skin needed a pick-me-up, and this lotion gave it what it needed. This is beneficial to my dry skin.

What goes up must eventually come down, right? My friend Aaron Johnson's face appeared to be extremely swollen and covered with redness, in my opinion. I was honest in saying that what was on his face was quite horrible and that I could not bear to watch my friend receive medical attention. I had no idea that my skin and hair would be the target of karma. My hands were bleeding when I woke up, and I had dry skin around my hairline. I find out that I have eczema, which my friend Aaron described as a skin condition. Eczema is characterized by extremely dry skin that is itchy, red, and cracked. Dermatologist suggested these lotions. 

Prescription! I am grateful to the doctor for averting my embarrassing situation. I woke up covered in dots all over my body and face because I was under so much stress or my body developed a reaction. I took the STD, but it wasn't an issue (bless the lord), so I didn't know what was going on. The poor Dr. had to examine the most disgusting thing I'd ever seen and ruled out that it was in developing ingrowing hairs and nothing contagious. For whatever reason, this ginny pig isn't attempting to be one; instead, things just happen to happen. The doctor advises using this drug because it was previously very successful. Thank you so much because it was mostly gone the next day.

Snowflakes? I have struggled with dandruff since I was a child. It deteriorated with time. Dandruff was present every time I looked in the mirror, which became irritating. Scrubbing does not remove or replace snowflakes. And everyone assumed it was head lice, yet it was not even close to being a head lice problem. (Bugs would fly out of the head and ears). Meanwhile, I go to the doctor's office, where it helps with the itching or dandruff.

It helps to feel lighter by using lightweight materials. The urban decay lightweight foundation falls somewhere in the midst between lightweight and skin coverage while, all nighter it stronger. Adding powder foundation to the skin gives it a lift. Please consult your doctor before using powder foundation since it may not be beneficial to your skin. Finally, urban decay lightweight is one of the top picks for overall eye-catching appearances. 

Mary Kay's product is what aids the elderly lady at home! My mum fell in love with the product as a result of the facials. Mary Kay is a time-honored product for the elderly. Now, the carters cater to organic folks of all skin types. If you want to get a more advantageous appearance, stick to a program that will assist your skin look the way you want it to. Give grandmas some love with Mary Kay's 

After shaving your legs, apply Vaseline Coca Butter. Give the product a try if your legs feel and appear dry due to the powerful foundation moisturizer. Since having the skin problem, anything with a more natural basis is far superior! The phrases plus, plus, plus for having 100% Cocoa Butter, followed by words that are difficult to read, provide a secure place with the goods.

Winky Lux is a playful spend on a little square palette. Aside from strange and circus freaks, Mermaids are at the top of the list of those who make palette hit the spots. Sand dollar, sea foam, topless, pink sand, Ursula. under the sea. siren, seaweed, and treasure are the names of the colors. Because the tones are deeper, the colors are more suitable for a romantic night. And, of course, every girlie girl will enjoy the hue palette.

Nut case When I was younger, I went to get my hair done and learned the hard way from the hairdresser that my hair beneath is curly. As kind didn't understand since my hair was never curly, but understanding why my big hair from a child that I was doing hair wrong the whole time.
Now hair that was once wild is now under control! I was seeking more than just a good deal but also for superior ingredients. The fear of my hair falling out due to the chemicals being too harsh for my hair! Furthermore, having wavey hair is only possible to manage with the appropriate products. Also, play around with different types of hair products. Even better, I use Love Beauty and Planet lotion products on my hair! Aside from that, let us periodically fancy the ingredient or something close to it!

Note: Photo vs "natural," look close to ends! 

Oils for cleansing! Ingredients derived from citrus and plants. Use it anywhere on the skin, not just the face! Organic sunflower seeds and delicious almonds are included. Orange, lemon, and vitamin E, to name a few. A suitable and adequate cleansing product solution.

Sweet scents are a lover's favorite! Cotton candy scent brings back childhood memories of devouring these delicious sugar geek sweets. Along with Dolce Gabbana and Ariana Grande is towards the top of the list of favorites. The difference between the two is that Douche Gabbana has a more sophisticated scent. Also, the shower gels suit well!

Vitamin C Foaming gel wash and shea Sugar Scrub! Fruity fragrance is loved! A mighty close to the Dolce Gabbana fragrance just by the nose tip. What even tops the ice is Vitamin C Tree Hut is the affordability for those who like to sneak something that doesn’t have to be Va Va Voom products. On the other hand, The Tree Hut product has oils such as avocado and kiwi orange and is vegan-friendly. When trying Vitamin C is recommended.

Estee Advanced Night Mirco Cleansing Foam Crème Moussante Nettoyant. Anyone older people might like the Night foam over the eye makeup. The Estee face wash company is compared to Clinique. Clinique lotions do work if you allow your skin to heal over time. If you see a product, don’t be afraid and ask what kind of product you open your mind to.

OLAY, OLAY, OLAY, OLAY, LOAY! Who knows, the song says Olay! Anyway, I am almost 30 years old, and once you get an age, everything goes downhill. Right? Many people would like to own it; others, such as myself, will be in denial and take drastic measures on their skin. All jokes aside, retinal, essential oil, laser peels, blah, blah, blah, I bet many have heard, but give me something to work with here. Right? Personally have not tamper with my face. And the Dr. would be great and accommodating, but what about every day that can help in denial of aging? OLAY comes to mind! Olay's great products and products do not have to be expensive if they do the same job. It not going to hurt.