One of my favorite styles of Spanish has always been the transitional style. My mother started the fashion style in the family. I was always told that when my mother was younger, she was the one who put on lipstick before leaving the house. And when I was about 5 years old, it was time to doll us up like those antique dolls and curl our hairs for some kind of event. Personally, wasn’t allowed to wear certain clothes until I got older.







The outfit has been worn in a transitional but modern setting. The short dress has ruffles on the ends of the sleeves that are lengthier than the sleeves themselves, and the sleeves are see-through. The red flower pattern at the bottom, with a few on top. The off-the-shoulder dress is difficult to put on because it is perfectly starched. It is not uncomfortable to wear during the spring and summer seasons. The pair are the slip-on boots with no way to tighten them. The transitional piece of flower hairstyle to add back is added on top.

Color pops have been popular for a long time. Personally, I once sought advice from experts on a topic that was popular at the time. I wasn't always the best at looking like the color wheels that go well together. I experimented with things that didn't work out, but I've learned over time to express myself in ways that fit your personality. This is when I got looks as if the clothes I chose didn't fit well and looked funny, but in my head, I was having fun being female, and that was all that mattered. It would show through most of my clothes.




Small, eye-catching skirt with a high waist and a high waist to the hip. The blouse is buttoned up to the upper chest. The blouse is see-through, and I recommend something under, such as an under gourmet. The shoes can be worn in any way that the wearer prefers. Because the top has no design, I pair it with something out of the ordinary.


Shoes: Nicole Lee Online


Like this one, which has a red and black color scheme. With a lace wrap-around top that buttons up the back. It's a timeless classic.


Even in a small area, there is always something cute to find. You'd be surprised how easy it is to find one-of-a-kind clothing that isn't overpowering. When I was looking for something in a smaller area, I came across this outfit. There aren't many pieces that stand out in the smaller area.


Because the outfit is short, it is recommended that you wear something underneath it. There are ruffles that can be folded or popped over the collar. Buttons that are beautifully displayed for the ruffles to cross each other on the bottom end ruffles. Pair with white close shoes and pop red bag. 


Castaways Consignments (









I've been thinking about it for months because my in-wedding law's is coming up. This year, I'm seeing it everywhere, and I agree about the gloves. It's a cute style that can take you back in time. Anyone can wear it with a slim dress, suit, or casual attire that flatters the body line. It gives off a sexy or boss vibe depending on the occasion.









The dress is both comfortable and versatile; it can be worn for casual running or for a formal event. The lazy trend is similar to Pj's, which are long nightgowns that run as long as the fibric can go. It does cover some of the arm length while remaining connected to the rest of the fibric, allowing it to drape well.


London Clothing Company™ | It's a London Thing (




I was wearing a garment that was growing on me. I didn't want to be disrespectful by throwing it away when I got it, so I didn't. It fits perfectly and the arms flow nicely after I knot something at the back. Casual events and dark jeans work well together in this situation.

"Where is my present for you?" I was asked. "It would be wore" I lied a little and replied. It had been sitting at the back of the closet for a long, and I decided to give it a go.



Inspired by a family member I considered dressing in a little native but not excessively so. The back straps of the black blouse cross one other. And there's the pink skirt with the shorts below that reaches the floor. Adding a waist belt and a neckless to the waste line that not overly the top.


Sacramento Outlet 








When you don't test something on before buying it online, it can be difficult. The risk of knowing it would turn out just like the photos. Just be cautious when shopping online because the results can be disastrous. Fortunately, my model Jedediah was dressed in a birdie bee worth revenue that was on sale. Waiting for discounts may be the greatest way to avoid feeling terrible about the money spent.









The dress fitting Courcelette off the shoulders with tinsel flow. There is a flower pattern. Special occasions include weddings, cocktail parties, and a fancy date.



Fresno outlet 

Femme Formal Wear | Downtown Fresno





Everyone has some kind of plaid clothing, and I'm trying to mix it up so that it can be worn in the spring as well as in the fall. I pair a lighter color that can bring out the darker tones of orange, black, and a splash of blue, green, and purple patterns. The top has a more spring-like appearance, as spring is full of lighter colors that sowed flowers with tiny squares just in the front area.


Note to self: I suggested wearing minimal makeup because the clothing would stand out more. Not overly done.


Red, white, and black striped plaid jeans A long green and black striped shirt with a little yellow bag. 

Because there was so much chaos going on, I was trapped outside the house. One thing I failed to do was gather clothing and income from home, so all I had to do was go to the shop with what I had on hand. Cheap and efficient location with a variety of options for running in such a setting.


Checking out establishments that provide discounts may be preferable to wandering about the area before purchasing a casual clothing. I discovered a glistening romper. While shopping for something a little unusual, I came upon this one-of-a-kind bag. The bags I notice have the feel of cheap material that may quickly break the fabric, but then I come across the Vegan bag, which is durable enough to survive a little longer and has stronger stitching around it. The arms are a dragon bracelet and a tan pair of shoes.




Romper Flee Market

Vegan Bag

Heels - Le Bella Rose

Hot topic










Classic tie guesses are a fan favorite. It has a nice sheen to it and is pleasant to the touch. It is inexpensive for the majority of people, and it will last a little longer because the handles are thicker.

Mr. Stingley (CHP), a buddy who has had style since the beginning. (only close friend in my High school years was a cop on campus) Tips for not appearing like a hobo so just guess it brand. Good enough to inform me that I am stinky and looks like a hobo.












Kate spade wallet been classic. I had the Kate spade wallet that last me couple years since I received it. It glittery and full of small pockets.



Kate Spade New York® Official Site - Designer Handbags, Clothing, Jewelry & More








Going to a discount store doesn't bother me in the least. Personally, I believe that fabric is fabric, and that you should always look for good quality and whatever makes the cute fit work. What I'm wearing is from a discount store's sales department, but I stole it from my mother's closet.


For a professional look, a classic fitting is always with a pencil skirt. When I work in accounting, I always wear a pencil that is a little tighter. This type of professional would never go out of style; it might be made a little differently each year, but the shape would always be the same. The top is simply fitted to the waistline to create or show an hourglass shape. The top now has some sort of support that mimics the corset look. Always look for a pencil skirt that is appropriate for the occasion.


A blue skirt with a tiny stripe top for a bright sunny weekend. Because the skirt has a short underskirt, setting would be difficult. The top is a class favorite that can be dressed up or down. It also never leaves the closet. Add some simple to tiny it all together for a fun day out in the sun.

Store: Azkara





The flow of a dress is its best feature. It's difficult to resist fiddling with the dress's hems. Additionally, a cross pattern with better friends of shorts to match the style that is open from the chest region. From milder shades of red to pink and left-handed greens, a flower pattern in monochromatic and complementary colors may be seen.

Store: Ross








Lucy, my model who was a victim of domestic violence, (stigma in the family history of women being victims and most abusers are reflection of how they treat their mother is how they treat another) has gone all in with the blue button-up dress. Long wear that fits any side, from small to medium to large. Silky tough on the figure tips and storge pockets. On the other hand, dress for a day of lunch or an early appointment to meet for a lounge spot. 

Store Mexico 

If you know anyone who has been a victim of domestic violence. Please go to this website or dial 911.

  1. What to Expect When You Contact Us - The Hotline

  2. Domestic Violence Statistics in California - DMS Services 2022 (

  3. Domestic Violence Statistics San Diego (

  4. DVAMFacts.pdf (

  5. United States Department of Justice-Hate Crimes-Learn More


Fun Fact-

Consider those who come from a different background and have a different culture. In the 1900s, the KKK grew enormously in the central valley. Anyone who was not white, including immigrants, faced oppression from the KKK.  The white supremacy is responsible for the majority of crime, including murder. In fact, the civil rights act of 1871 included 600 reports that led to the government approving the 14th amendment, which authorized the arrest of federal officials. On the contrary, there were 500 KKK members in one area of Visalia in 1831. Even in Tulare Baptist Church, who dressed for the funeral occasion with the famous hooded and label "well-known Tulare business men. (COS ENTHIC)"


A long history of  discrimination in American for any immigration  "go back where you came from" statement that oppression many to go back from where you came from. It stems from the treatment of African Americans and Native Americans as slaves in America, which oppressed anyone of color. For Spanish (is labeled as a color) to migrate over, they had an unwanted immigration population and deportation due to prejudice. Even those born as Spanish would be escorted back to Mexico. The 14th amendment. Discrimination is still a problem took years for desegregation. Today 52 percent of Spanish people in 2016 has experience discrimination.  

History Channel 2022 The Arena Group. Retrieved 2022. The Brutal History of Anti-Latino Discrimination in America - HISTORY





For any veterinary service, Lilia is one of the models holding the tiny animal. The work uniforms are enjoyable to wear because they come in countless patterns with scales of all sizes or solid colors. It's a sweet comment that shows ingenuity in regards to a uniform-type situation. Veterinarians always wear scrub shoes with holes or rubber soles in hospitals.




Fun Fact-

Rabies is well known to be transmitted from animals to humans. The article's title is "Rabies Surveillance in California Annul Report 2020, by California Department of Public Health, "2.4 domestic animals reported" (Ca Public health ). In California, the chances of coming into contact with a rabies-infected animal are extremely high. For example, rabies in bats has been reported in all 53 counties, but in California, rabies in bats has been reported at a higher rate due to human contact. In California, 62-95 percent of bats with rabies are known. Experts advise to stay away from any contact with Bats to avoid the transmitted rabies.




Doesn't everyone adore stretchy clothing? This fall is all about finding clothes that fit. Make room for clothing that takes up a lot of space. The outfit was made from a polyester/spandex blend. No one would guess that the pounds are packing on a little more this season, thanks to summer's assistance in the fall. Even the dress is soft enough to sleep in or comfortable enough to wear as crazy as it appears. The confirmability may be surprised by a try look.


Pick up a card that may have come in useful. Dealing with the majority of mental difficulties that haunt the psyche. It is incredibly difficult to overcome the attitude of relapse. Deal with suicide thoughts, anxiety, and sadness as one of several concerns. There needs to be a place where someone isn't simply getting paid to set and listen since years of coping with mental health difficulties may be onerous for individuals and who remain silent about the concerns. This card was simple to use at figure tips instead of waiting for appointments. 

Binen. Joe. Briefing Room. 2021. A Proclamation on National Metal Health Awareness Month, 2021. Retrieved April 30, 2021. A-Proclamation-on-National-Mental-Health-Awareness-Month-2021-_-The-White-House.pdf (

CDC Centers for disease Control and Prevention Mental Health. 2022. National Center For Health Statistics. Retrieved: September 6, 2022 FastStats - Mental Health (

I happened to have this in my closet. Now, I saw an outfit identical to this one at Costco, so I decided to show the lovely Christmas attire. This has a vintage sense from the Titanic era when everyone dressed up. However, aside from Christmas, this would be an ideal occasion for Thanksgiving or when the weather turns spring! It not as hot as it looks wearing the classic dress.

With the recent bipolar cold to mild environment, winter hasn't been the same. So, what to wear? Nothing beats feeling a bit more comfortable with an overside suite on top of the bipolar weather. Any attire may be disguised by a playfully overside suite. Another in case the daylight date doesn't go so well, or run for your life to avoid the mad mailman. Maybe call it confer zone!