Nails Jewelry not real nails. I dont do nails it a bit much. How do some women use the restroom? 

Saw this thought about add this fashion!

Let's talk about Snoop Dog's fashion choice. Instead of a fancy button tie, Snoops is in his PJs. The comfy classic hair accessory that no one could live without in the kitchen The main reason to keep the hair accessory is because Snoop Dog wears it better. Let's talk about the tank top that keeps Snoop from swimming with the oven.

Many music out but if I tell you my top fav. I think I would scary you a little (in some) but here are some recommendations Imminence, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Bad Omens, From Ashes To New, Rumjacks, BMTH, Three Days Grace, and I Prevail.


I was call evil child and scary an old friend for sharing  some music. It just music! Honest Christian music also fav hand down Lacey Sturm. Don't forget HOPSIN.

                                                                Bag. Wednesday

Hide the one tiny gray hair ha! xP Hug the dog for not judging the old lady.

Fun Fact

And credit nephews who are Valley Children Hospital Patients for genetics reasons